Debt Collection

Are you loking for a debt collection solicitor in Cavan?


We have a wealth of experience in debt collection and since opening for business we have become well-established and well respected by many clients for our ability to recover debt.

We have acted on behalf of all types of clients in recovering debts, from State Departments, Credit Unions and Banks through to small local businesses and private individuals. We also act on behalf of overseas clients who are owed money in Ireland and on behalf of clients in Ireland owed money by a party based overseas.


We recognise that, as in life, one size does not fit all and so our approach to recovering your debts means that each debt action is considered on an individual basis. A solicitor will consider the circumstances of each debt and advise you how best to recover the monies owing as economically and quickly as possible. We will advise you of your options at every step of the way.


In addition to debt collection we can advise and assist you in the ongoing control and management of your debtors.


If you are interested please contact us now to request details of our debt collection rates and commission. We are sure you will find our rates to be very competitive. When inquiring why not ask about our bulk-letter dispatch service.