Below are a Selection of Testimonials from clients who have used the Legal Services of Keaney Nevin Solicitors:


“Gerard always displayed a tenacity to follow through on his promises and also was never afraid to stand up and be counted when it was needed, this is a great attribute for any solicitor to have when as their client you are under pressure!” May 18, 2012

Padraig ShanleyManaging Director, Imobile


“Recently, I required the help of Keaney Nevin & Co Solicitors in an awkward situation which I had wrote off as beyond all repair. Gerard Nevin took the command of the situation by assessing the matter, coming up with solutions for it, acting as an intermediary between all parties and dealing with all parties involved with the delicacy they required. The combination of Gerard’s experience, quick thinking and obvious good working relationship he has built with Law Enforcement staff on all levels, resulted in an advantageous outcome which I never would have thought possible, and certainly wouldn’t have got without him.” February 16, 2012

Top qualities: Expert, High Integrity, Creative

Elaine Nolan Impact Graphics


“We have engaged Keaney Nevin solicitors and referred them to clients on a number of occasions and found John and Gerard to be competent, approachable, open and professional for legal advice. In the area of debt collection we found them extremely prompt and efficient in getting results. We would have no hesitation recommending this reputable firm as legal representative in any matter.” March 6, 2012

Rhoda Sheanon, Owner, Rhoda Sheanon & Co,